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New Record

name: No, someone might track me down and kill me... But I want that to happen.. no I Don't.. I don't wanna be killed by someone else. CeCe.
age: 15
where do you live? Uhh you know, no one else needs to know.

tell us your favorite bands (no more than 20)

* The Beatles
* The White Stripes
* Louie XIV
* The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
* The Strokes
* The Hives
* The Velvet Underground
* The Vines
* The Offspring
* Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, thee most hardcore dude in the whole wide freakin world
* Herb Alpert andTijuana Brass
* Doris Day
* Weezer (Well that one album ... Blue. Which I had since.. I was seven then everyone in the world started liking them and was like.. hell yeah)
*X-Ray Spex.. THank you my love
* Loretta Lynn's "Van Lear Rose" <---Jackie Whitey.. :-*
* Goddamn... uhh whatcha Dresden Dolls
* System Of a Down
* The Stray Cats
* There is more. You'll all know later

what's your favorite song at the moment? Who's To Say - The White Stripes
what's your favorite album at the moment> The Best Little Secrets Are Kept- Louis XIV
do you own an mp3 player? Yey yes, the one you gave me... Le BIAN! (Zen Nomad)
do you own a cd player? yes
do you own a tape player? yes
do you own a record player? Mmhmm.. aren't you gonna ask about the 8 Track player?
do you play any instruments yourself? Uh yea.. you know.. :-D

so how are you today? Fuck you
what's your favorite fruit? Strawberries
if your parents were to call your house while they were away, how would that go? Are you being a good girllllllllllllll?? CECE!! Pick up the phone... Then I wake up at like 3 and listen to the machine.. then be like.. wow. I couldn't call them. Wait I would be somewhere else being babysat. Who the hell are you trying to taunt me.. You are my lover, do you think they will let me be home alone?
where's the love at? BRian. and... uhhh food
tell us a little bit more about yourself. (no more than 3 sentences, buddy.) I have thee best music range in the whole funking world....even though I don't like.. whatever. just Go to hell okay?
what movies do you like? Comedy and nothing else. Oh well Um Musicals.
TV shows? Telly?? No! well Comedy Central
what about your favorite thing about the opposite sex? hair. bangableness. eyes
if you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 things would you have to have with you? BRian, a contruction crew, a transmitting/recieving station of satillite loves, airplane, and restruant with crew.
make us laugh, we like to laugh: Who the fuck is us? You dumbass. Well Um , something was funny.. OH WHITE PASTY BOOB ON WINDOW... ohh shitt I can;t handle that.. oh my gosd... ohh man. hellppp

post a picture of yourself with headphones on: You're sick.
post a picture of yourself with your favorite album: Uh I have an Album I'm With... like Tsar.. and White Stripes.
post three other pictures of yourself

Well I'm sorry but I am NOT about to do that photobucket shit. It takes too damn long - so why don't you lazy bitches just click these goddamned links?
Yeah Fuck you too.

any last words? You are ass shit and I hate you. But I love you.
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cece if you're gonna be a bitch i got the power to reject you.

i can give you a second chance, just 'cause i love you, so change your shit up
fine, you ass- I'll do what YOU want me to do....
God. Maybe I won't let you help out on OUR community.
what the fuck ever, good enough i guess. and i love you, cece. haha like a butt....

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Bian, add lips to the favorite things about the opposite sex.. :-D mmhmm.