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name: Stacy
age: 14
where do you live? East Peoria, Illinois.

tell us your favorite bands (no more than 20)
1. Bloodlined Caligraphy
2. From First To Last
3. The Used
4. Hawthorne Heights
5. Fall Out Boy
6. Comeback Kid
7. Fight Back
8. Terror
9. Norma Jean
10. Haste The Day
11. Remembering Never
12. The Bled
13. Bleeding Through
14. Nirvana
15. HIM
16. Armour For Sleep
17. Avenged Sevenfold
18. Alexisonfire
19. Atreyu
20. Breaking Benjamin
what's your favorite song at the moment? Nobody Leaves Baby In A Corner -Fall Out Boy
what's your favorite album at the moment> Wake The Dead -Comeback Kid
do you own a cd player? mmhmm.
do you own a tape player? yes'm
do you own a record player? yes i do.
do you play any instruments yourself? a little bass.

so how are you today? eh.. okay i suppose.
what's your favorite fruit? bananas
if your parents were to call your house while they were away, how would that go? umm fine?
where's the love at? Mcdonalds? shit i don't know.
tell us a little bit more about yourself. (no more than 3 sentences, buddy.) I'm cooler than you or any of your other friends. =) haha.
what movies do you like? Rad, Jawbreaker, Mean Girls, The Breakfest Club, The Notebook, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Ring, The Grudge, and Saw.
TV shows? tv is lame. except the andy milonakis show hahaha.
what about your favorite thing about the opposite sex? hair.
if you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 things would you have to have with you? A tooth brush, a hair brush, a mp3 player, food, and a friend.
make us laugh, we like to laugh:

Q: How many straight-edge kids does it take to drink a 6-pack?
A: Only one, but he has to do it when his friends aren't around"

Q: How many Punks does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: 3. 1 to screw it in and 2 to argue about who did it first.

nothing against punk/sXe kids.

as a tribute, post a picture of yourself with headphones on don't have one.
post three or more other pictures of yourself

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any last words? sweet i'm done.

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