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new records

Basics name:Jasmine age:14 where do you live?Lompoc Music tell us your favorite bands (no more than 20) *THe Used *AFI *cradle of filth *ICP *THe Misfits *sublime *the transplants *The Bloodhound gang *slipknot what's your favorite song at the moment? Blue and Yellow:: The Used what's your favorite album at the moment> The Art Of Drowning do you own a cd player? yeah do you own a tape player? i think do you own a record player? idk do you play any instruments yourself? bass You so how are you today? im hungry what's your favorite fruit? starwberry if your parents were to call your house while they were away, how would that go? not so well id probably be in the middle of a keg stand where's the love at? i wuv you!!!<3<3<3 tell us a little bit more about yourself. (no more than 3 sentences, buddy.) i like cheese. im working on my mypace pf. ummmmmmm. what movies do you like? the crow, half baked, charlie and the chocolate factory(the old one), freddy vs jason, big money hustlas TV shows? i dont watch that much viva la bam....and channel 158 thats fuse what about your favorite thing about the opposite sex? there hot sometimes but yeah... if you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 things would you have to have with you? my cds, my stereo, food, paper, pencil(to draw with!), and a phone make us laugh, we like to laugh: THERE ARE RATS IN MY ANUS!!!!!! Pictures post a picture of yourself with headphones on dont have one post a picture of yourself with your favorite album dont have one post three other pictures of yourself Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by any last words? double the peace...double the grease!
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