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recordrhythm's Journal

listen to the music
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Tick keysandstripes Mod/Maker/Layout

Anna prettyones Mod/Info Page

Stacey purplesky30 Mod

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- don't bitch at the mods, it's thanks to us that you're here
- if you're gonna promote here, make sure you throw in some recent pictures of yourself or something. ANYTHING so that it is not JUST a promo.
- promote our community and show us the links, but don't do it in communities other than promotion communities, we know how annoying that can get
- stay active, you're in here to be active, so do that.

thinking about it deeper, i think we only had the application because i wanted to use that little "text area" option i learned so badly, but hey, who needs it? no more. just come in and hang out, now.

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50 cent, 98 mute, acumen nation, aerosmith, afi, all, amanda plummer, atmosphere, audioslave, b.b. king, bad religion, beach boys, beethoven, black flag, black sabbath, bob marley, bright eyes, bruce willis, cameo, cheap sex, choking victim, citizen cope, deep purple, duane whitaker, earth wind and fire, eminem, error, eyedea and abilities, f-minus, frank sinatra, gas huffer, gohti hook, green day, group x, guns n' roses, heart, hepcat, hot water music, ikara colt, isaac hayes, jack johnson, jimi hendrix, johnny cash, johnny winter, led zeppelin, less than jake, liam lynch, ludacris, madball, megadeth, mike park, millencolin, minor threat, motorhead, muddy waters, napalm death, nekromantix, new bomb turks, operation ivy, ozzy osbourne, parliament, paul rodgers, pennywise, pink floyd, pistol grip, powerman 5000, prodigy, rage against the machine, red hot chili peppers, rezurex, richard cheese, rick james, rkl, rob zombie, rollins band, rush, sage francis, shuggie otis, sixer, snfu, son of sam, soundgarden, static-x, stephen lynch, stevie ray vaughn, sublime, ten foot pole, the beatles, the black keys, the bouncing souls, the clash, the commodores, the dead kennedys, the doors, the dresden dolls, the gadjits, the hives, the mars volta, the misfits, the moldy peaches, the offspring, the slackers, the strokes, the transplants, the turbo acs, the vandals, the vines, the violent femmes, the white stripes, the yeah yeah yeahs, tiger army, tom waits, tool, tsar, tsol, type o negative, u2, velvet revolver, velvet underground, wayne kramer, x-ray spex, zeke, zz top